Managers Can Use Storytelling to Boost their Team

Storytelling is interesting, funny, accessible to the team who can identify to their manager more easily: listen to this example of storytelling by a manager

  • Share stories about their own career journey. This could include stories about their early career challenges, how they overcame them, and the lessons they learned along the way. Sharing these stories can help managers to realize how far they have come and to appreciate their own skills and experience.
  • Tell stories about their team’s successes. This shows that the manager is proud of their team and that they are confident in their ability to lead. It also sends the message to the team that they are capable of great things.
  • Be vulnerable and share stories about their own mistakes. This shows that the manager is human and relatable, and that they are willing to learn from their mistakes. It also encourages team members to be open and honest about their own mistakes.
  • Use storytelling to teach and mentor their team. When managers tell stories about their own experiences, they can share their knowledge and insights with their team members. This can help team members to learn new skills, develop new perspectives, and grow as professionals.
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